Uniqueness of Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management (AADM)

  • AADM's strength is a Spirit and Commitment to a Cause. AADM is committed to build a volunteer base across the length and breadth of our Country for handling disasters effectively
  • AADM strength lies in its philosophy of partnership, be it with NGOs, donors, volunteers or well wishers. AADM's hands-on as well as holistic approach to philanthropy gives it a first-hand feel of the community's priorities, creating an iterative learning
  • AADM's years of past experience, has resulted today in a high level of visibility, flexibility, freedom to define its own agenda and a good public profile
  • AADM's approach is inclusive - it provides an opportunity for every member of society, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender to participate in this movement for the welfare of mankind
  • AADM's primary concern is the safety of its fellow being, which is ensured by a timely response to their call
  • AADM is entirely independent. It has no leanings to social, political, or donor ideologies, or to any corporate house. This gives AADM the freedom to go beyond the call of philanthropy and provide assistance to and under the guidance of Government and Police authorities during disasters, festivals, public functions which require expertise in crowd control and averting possible disasters
  • AADM has developed a thorough process for selection and appraisal not only in respect of the initiatives to be supported, but also for drafting of volunteers
  • AADM's biggest strength and pride is the vast cadre of talented, committed and dedicated Disaster Management Volunteers (DMVs), trained inhouse
  • In keeping with its vision, mission and philosophy, AADM has trained more than 67,000 citizens of this country in Basic Disaster Management, absolutely free of cost