AADM Mitigation

India is a land of religious festivals and above all intense faith and love for the divine. Not to mention that these religious events and festivities are held frequently throughout the year. In a state like Maharashtra (India), various festive events like Ganesh festival, Navaratri, Mahashivratri, Angarakee, umbhmela, annual fairs held at Mount merry church, Lord Vitthal temple, Lord Ayappa temple, Lord Jyotiba temple, Mandhara devi temple, Ekveera devi temple and many more are conducted with tremendous enthusiasm and zeal every year. All the more, during each of these occasions, we get to see throngs and throngs of people.

This demands better control and organization to prevent the odds of disaster like a stampede or a fire which are many a time fatal. The unfortunate disaster of a stampede at Mandhara devi temple in the year 2005 left more than 250 innocent people dead is one these.