Our Prayer

A prayer is a connection with the Almighty. It is a solemn request for help or an expression of gratitude to God.

A story goes that, Swami Vasudevanand Saraswati, a renowned saint from Maharashtra, a devout and a selfless Dattabhakta was so moved by the pain, plight and sufferings of his devotees, that he fervently prayed to Dattaguru for help to alleviate the anguish of his devotees. The result of his intense and selfless prayer was ‘The Ghorkashttodharan’ stotra sprouting from his mouth as though a blessing from Dattaguru.

The spirit and the background of this prayer ‘Ghorkashtodharan’ has been the basis on which the AADM operates. Eversince is inception in 2002, AADM draws its strength from this prayer.

This prayer keeps the Disaster Management Volunteer (DMV) connected to the mission of working selflessly, offering whatever he has achieved at the feet of Almighty with gratitude (Ambadnyata), for giving him / her the opportunity for serving humankind in distress.

Hence a DMV, with a firm faith in a Higher Power, his experience in handling difficult situations, his composure in crisis, his selfless attitude to service thus provides a healing touch to those afflicted.

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