AADM Project – Introduction

A close study of natural and man-made disasters, will alert us to the fact that many insignificant looking factors gradually lead to a future catastrophe. Mankind has been digging its own grave slowly by abusing and neglecting the environment and breaking the principles that Nature in her kindness has given us.

With a view to prevent the potentially imminent disasters, AADM initiated its projects division which concentrates on executing various healthcare, educational and environmental projects.

The educational wing under the projects division is instrumental in spreading awareness of disasters and how to save yourself from its aftermath

The environmental wing is responsible for undertaking drastic environment recovery measures

The Medical relief and healthcare wing working under the projects division is involved in conducting specific health oriented drives

The primary intent behind these initiatives is to understand, experience, analyze and determine the process of ensuring improvisation and estimate the time required for recovery and spreading awareness. Each of these projects are currently conducted as an experiment to learn and identify the root cause of specific disasters on a very precise and smaller base. The time tested plan of action will then be brought into effect on a larger and a broader scale across India and probably across the world!