AADM Preparedness


At AADM, Preparedness for disaster is an ongoing process with development and campaigning as its most vital elements. Diverse programs are organized at various locations across Maharashtra to raise the level of disaster alertness. Simultaneously, a large number of disaster affected victims have been rescued and rehabilitated with success.

Since its inception, DMV’s wearing bright yellow cap, an arm band, first aid kit pouch around the waist, a rope line and a torch have been a symbol of relief and support during many disasters and festive events.

Over the years, AADM has achieved recognition and respect amongst the masses because of its relentless service, discipline and dedication to its object.

Developmental Initiative

AADM has been constantly designing different kinds of programs on the important subject to disseminate information on calamities across different sectors and segments of people.

The academy has its roots in a seminar where a team of experts on various aspects of disaster were invited and a detailed study and discussion was conducted to design the framework of the program.

The most important aspect of Mental health and stability during natural disasters, man made disasters, first-aid, rescue methods; were contemplated on by the medical experts during this brainstorming and path providing workshop

These detailed discussions led to the design and development of the Basic Disaster Management Course.


The Basic course in disaster management imparts training for adeptly handling both natural as well as man-made calamities. It teaches self protection techniques in a crisis situation and also trains in rescue techniques for others trapped in a disaster condition.

AADM has specially designed a book on Disaster. This text book of Disaster Management is available in Marathi & English.

Based on the basic course framework an Advance course and many other specialized courses have been shaped. The participants of the basic course can further opt for training in specific Advance Courses.

The Specialized courses are in the following categories
  • Instructor’s course – in this course trainers are trained on how to conduct the Basic Course
  • Fire Management Course – this course gives focused and exhaustive training in fire disaster management
  • Rescue Practices – this course focuses on the practice of various rescue techniques taught in the basic program

Development Highlights

Along with training a large number of people in the Basic and Advance course across the country, AADM is also actively working on some of the glaring current social issues.

Besides focusing on disasters, the Academy is also paying keen attention to the ecological imbalance being created in the society due to the negligence by mankind. Various programs and awareness drives are conducted by the Academy to make people conscious of their responsibility and duty towards the environment. The mandates of AADM also centre on preventing and taking precautionary measures to tackle some serious man made disasters which are becoming increasingly hazardous.Some examples of indigenous services to protect and shield the environment are cited below:

  • Today, plastic is a major menace. Ropes from plastic bags and rafts from plastic bottles are made which are used during monsoon disasters
  • Excessive garbage poses a serious threat to mankind. To tackle this issue, AADM has promoted the concept of Vermiculture. It is the best answer to excessive household waste.
  • Cleanliness is promoted by carrying out projects like cleaning of school and hospital premises
  • To tackle the ever concerning issue of pollution, the tree-plantation project has been actively pursued
  • To manage ocean pollution, the academy offer services like making Ganesh Statues of paper pulp, and re-immersing of Ganesh idols into the deep waters
  • There are many festivals and celebrations in India and large crowds gather to celebrate the same. If the crowd is not managed properly, we many-a-time witness stampede at such auspicious gatherings. Crowd Management becomes prime concern and thus this function is efficiently managed by the volunteers at public places and events
  • Along with crowd Management AADM also provides Medical Aid. Our Medical arm of Doctors provides first aid to the injured during disasters


More and more people are getting aware of AADM and its activities each day. This has resulted in many more people getting inclined towards the basic training course on disaster management. The Academy trains people in the Basic and Advanced course to assist in fighting disasters effectively.

The Academy conducts various types of campaigns to meet its objective. Some of its regular campaigning activities are:

  • Disaster mitigation and fighting – AADM Basic course
  • Medical help during disasters
  • Rescue operations during floods, earthquake, bomb blasts, etc
  • Crowd control in public shows
  • Campaigning for discipline – Regular parades on Independence and Republic Day

Highlights of the Divine Service

Besides creating awareness about disasters and its appropriate management, AADM also works on various aspects of disaster combating. It offers practical training, tangible action, prevention and precautionary services and a meticulous discipline regime. The vast range of campaigning techniques and activities conducted by AADM are primarily meant to create awareness amongst the common masses and to motivate them to become self reliant.


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