Man-made Disasters


Classification of Disasters Depending on their origin, Disasters can be broadly classified as

Bomb Blast

Disaster occurring due to a Bomb Explosion is a clear form of man-made disaster. This is perpetrated primarily to spread terror among the ordinary citizens. The Bomb scare or threat, spreads panic among the people, as there are no foolproof methods existing to predict, prevent or divert the bombing incident.

Any explosion occurring due to a bomb, planted by way of known or unknown modern methods and techniques, not only takes away precious lives, but also creates a long lasting fear in the minds of affected and injured people. This further hampers their natural behavior during their day to day activities.

Communal Riot

This is one of the many man-made disasters caused by very sensitive issues related to any two different or same religious groups living in a territory encompassed by a geographical and/or political boundary, which can cause serious damage to the very fabric of interspersed society, otherwise living in harmony.

Occurrence of such an incident creates a situation in which the normal pattern of day to day life within a community is suddenly disturbed and a vast section of the society is plunged into miserable sufferings and helplessness, with loss of innocent lives and property.

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