Mega Blood Donation Camp 2024

Shree Guru Sapt Sangh Sevaks/ Sampark Sevaks,
Subject:  Mega Blood donation (BD) at Shree Harigurugram (SHGG)-Information for Kendras
The Mega blood donation event at SHGG is being conducted on 21rd April 2024
Timing- Morning 8.30 am till 6.30 pm.
All Kendras are permitted to arrange buses from their locations to ferry donors to SHGG BD site. Cost can be incurred from the Kendra Nidhi.
Dos and Donts on Blood donation i.e.
(a) Who can donate (b) Weight requirement (c) Haemoglobin (d) Age requirement (c) What to eat and what not to eat to improve Haemoglobin etc.
is mentioned separately in another document.
Kendras are requested to:
  • Display these details at the kendra on every Saturday till the blood donation event on a A3 paper.
  • A copy of these details should also be given to all shraddhavans
  • Shraddhavans can invite Friends and Relatives for the event. 
  • Structure to organize the Mega Blood donation event will be similar to last year.
Details as below:
“Central Blood donation team” will be finalized by CEO/AADM in due course.
Formation of “Follow up team” with two or more members for each Zone to support the Central Blood donation team.
These names will be suggested by the AADM OC members. While they would belong to the respective zone, they will work with the “Central Blood donation team” and help them to do a follow up on various blood donation activities at the kendras allocated to them.
The names of the Follow-up team members and the OC/SC/AC and CCCC members associated with each Kendra’s will be sent separately. 
Formation of “Zonal Blood donation Team” This will consist of:
AADM OC/SC/AC members of the Zone 
CCCC Member/s allocated by Mumbai CCCC team for each zone.
Formation of 7 Member “Kendra Blood donation team” to be formed at each kendras.
This team will comprise compulsorily of following members. 
At least one Shree GuruSaptaSangh Sevak
At least one SamparkSevak. 
At least two MIS persons – who will have time to access emails of the Kendra on a regular basis and who will provide timely update of the Kendra on “Eligible Blood donor MIS” to the “Central Blood donation” team. 
The balance 3 members can be decided by the SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK, SS, Karyakarini and Karyakarta team.
These three members can be (a) Active Shraddhavans/ DMVs (b) SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK/SS/ Karyakarini/Karyakarta
Kindly select only those members who can actively devote time for the event.
Formation of Kendra level “Eligible Donor Groups” of 10 each with each group having a Group Leader and a Back up Group leader.     
It should be noted that, AADM OC/SC/AC/CCCC member/Doctors/Transmitters etc. would be visiting Kendra as pravaktas for conducting Blood donation motivational meetings immediately from 28th February 2024 onwards. They will conduct meetings after the upasana. 
Zonal AADM OC members and the team will decide on the names of the persons to visit the kendras and they would keep the “Kendra blood donation team” informed in advance. The Pravaktas will conduct meetings; For 5 to 10 minutes maximum during the small break after Aarti and before CD. Here they would motivate eligible Donors to participate in the event.
Also, after the Pravachan CD, a detailed meeting can be conducted of all volunteers to explain the process to be followed in planning the blood donation activity at the Kendra. c. Similar meetings could also be conducted at Kendra and Zonal level on other days as well to take follow-ups and help the Kendra in planning. 
Kendra, however will not wait for the above members to visit and conduct meetings. Every Kendra is expected to start their process of forming the Kendra Blood donation team immediately and start activating the process.
Each Kendra will have to send their “Eligible Donors MIS” to the following 2 email ids starting from 19th Feb (format of MIS is attached). If we get more names in the subsequent Saturdays then add the new names and send the new list including the old names as well.
Blood donation forms will be provided in advance to each Kendra at Shree HGG on Thursdays, dates for which will be informed separately. Each Kendra is requested to collect the same accordingly. Kindly note, since we do not get extra forms from the blood banks, blank donor forms will be provided only basis the number of eligible donors list is received from such Kendra. 
Blood donation Registration Slip. 
Every Donor has to fill Blood donation registration slip and submit it at the registration counter. For the format of this slip please refer to the attachment. Every Kendra needs to take print of this slip and provide it to all the eligible donors. Please note the attachment format on Registration slip has more than one slip which can be printed and used for more than one Donor.
Since the previous Mega blood donation event 2019, we introduced QR code activity whereby QR code was generated for all prospective donors and these codes were shared with the respective requesting them to take a print/copy of the said code and share with the prospective donor. On the event day, at the registration counter this QR code was used to do the registration and updation of donor MIS.  However, since the QR code process is new, we want the Kendra to still continue with the Registration Slip process side by side with the QR code.
SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK and SS are requested to share these details/this document with all other members of the Kendra who can assist you in planning this activity in your Kendra in advance. 
Necessary instructions are also being sent to all Sampark Sevaks through AADM office.
Each kendra should aim at getting/convincing more donors than the previous Mega Blood donation camp.
How to do this-
The following lists should be used to establish contacts with people and convince them to donate:
  1. List of donors of earlier Mega blood donation camps with names, center name and phone number details is being sent to each Kendra. 
  2. List of donors of Kendra level Blood donation camp should be available at the Kendra. (Compare this list with the Mega blood donation list to find unique names) and convince them to donate.
  3. List of people who attended Prappati/Gunasankirtan events should also be available with the Kendra. Invite them for the event.
  4. Inviting family members and friends of shraddhavan members.
Shraddhavans who cannot donate blood due to illness etc. can also contribute to this event by convincing their friends and relatives to participate in the noble cause. 
Responsibility of “Zonal Blood donation team”
  1. The team comprising of AADM OC, SC, AC + CCCC member of a particular Zone is called as “Zonal Blood Donation team”. 
  2. The Zonal AADM OCs members will call a meeting of all OC, SC, AC & SS & SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK of the Zone and inform the team about the Mega blood donation project and decide on the plan for the zone.
  3. Circulate the Mega Blood donation MIS to individual kendras. MIS will be forwarded by the Central blood donation team to each OC member. OC member will only email the MIS of the relevant Kendra eg Donors of Dadar Kendra who participated in the mega blood donation will be sent only to Dadar Kendra.
  4. The core job of the Zonal team is to ensure all support is provided to the Kendra. This will include (a) in helping the Kendra MIS team to prepare the Eligible donors MIS (b) helping the SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK and SS in forming groups of donors of 10 each and assigning a Team leader etc.
  5. On the event day the Zonal team will be present from Purvatayari onwards till the end of the event.
  6. Ensure the motivational speech (attached) on the Blood donation is used by the Pravakta. The person to speak at the Kendra will be decided by the “Zonal Blood donation team”. Alternatively, “Kendra Blood donation team” can also in consultation with the “Zonal Blood donation team” decide on such person from the Kendra to expedite the process. 
Responsibility of “Follow-up Team”.
  1. This team member will be suggested by each Zonal OC. They will represent their Zone/Kendras but will be working with the “Central Blood donation team”.  This team will check if all the messages/information forwarded to the Zonal team and the Kendra team has been received and is understood by them correctly. This means he/she has to understand the entire process beforehand.
  2. Contact and speak to OC,SC,AC,SS, SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK of the Zone/Kendra in case of any help required by them on the project.
  3. To check and ensure “Kendra Blood donation team”is formed with the help of Zonal team members.
  4. To coordinate with the Kendra level MIS coordinators on all the MIS to be collected from the kendra.
  5. Should help the “Kendra Blood donation team” to understand how the Blood donation Forms are filled, Registration slip is filled etc.
  6. To ensure each Kendra has followed the above information correctly and report it to central team.
  7. Communicate to each Kendra to collect blood donation forms in advance. 
  8. They should if possible form whatsup group for their Zone of all key people eg SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK,SS, Karyakarini etc and pass all important message instantly. They can also include the Group leaders/ Back up leaders in the group so that event day coordination will be easy.
  9. Ensure event day seva names are collected from each kendra. 
  10. Make a list of each kendras who are getting vehicles/buses and the timing when the vehicles are expected to arrive.
  11. On the event day follow-up with the Kendras to check if the donors are coming to the donation site and they do not have any problem.
Responsibility of “Kendra Blood donation team”.
  1. This team should decide the two names of Kendra level MIS coordinators and inform the follow-up team member. The Followup team will coordinate with this team to get all the relevant MIS.
  2. Create Whatsup or other communication chain at the Kendra to ensure that awareness about the mega event is spread on a regular basis within the Kendra.
  3. Conduct followup meetings at the Kendra regularly to see the progress of the planning at each Kendra.
  4. The team should ensure:
  5. They arrange to confirm with each shraddhavan of the Kendra if he/she is eligible to donate as per the Dos and Donts list provided.
  6. Post this the “Kendra Blood donation team” is responsible for forming “Eligible Donor Groups” as mentioned above. 
  7. Provide a copy of the Dos and Donts to each Donor. 
  8. Helping the Donor to understand what diet needs to be maintained in the last one month 
  9. Helping the donor in filling the Blood donation form+ the Blood Donation Registration slip and explaining them the new concept of QR code.  
  10. Coordinating with the Donor on the Bus/vehicle arranged if any. If Bus is not arranged then ensuring and coordinating that all the donors are visiting the site without fail.
  11. Ensuring that all the Donors who donated blood at the previous mega camp and at the previous kendra level donation camp are motivated and convinced to donate at the mega camp again.    
Responsibility of “Group Leader and Backup Group Leader”.
  • The task of the Group Leader and the Back up Leader is to followup with all the Donors under their Group and
  • Providing them with all the correct information about Who can donate and who cannot, Dos and Donts etc. For this use written details provided by our sanstha only.
  • Repeatedly motivate donors to be present on the blood donation day.
  • Coordinate with each donor in the Group about his availability. Just to ensure he is not dropping out for any reason. If he is dropping for some valid reasons then it needs to be reported to the Shree GuruSaptaSangh Sevak/Sampark sevak who will report up the chain.
  • Follow-up/reminders via message/WhatsApp, phone calls in the last week prior to the donation day to keep the donor consistently aware of the event day.
  • Help the donors to fill the Blood donation form (to be circulated to all kendras in advance) To do this effectively, each Group Leader should first understand themselves from the (i)Kendra AADM OC/SC/AC/CCC Leader’s  or (ii)SS or (iii) SHRIGURU SAPTSANGH SEVAK or from (iv) Person designated by the kendra as to how this donation form needs to be filled.
  • Coordinate with all the donors in the group on the day of the event and accompany them to the Shree HGG for donation activity. Please note atleast one main Group leader or back up leader need to be present at Shree HGG with the Group. This Group/Backup leader will report to the follow-up team the number of donors reported to the event. The follow up team will in turn update their records. 
  • After reaching the site i.e Shree HGG , Group Leaders need to first make the donor Group stand at a particular place and report to either (i) Kendra AADM OC/SC/AC/CCC Leader’s  present at the site and the Follow-up team member about the list of donors present along with the forms filled by all Donors. The follow-up team will then document the presence and strike out the names of donors (so that no further follow-ups are done. After this activity, the Group Leaders along with the donors will be guided to the registration counter. Now the Process of Donation will start and the Group Leaders will have to help all the donors in guiding them in standing in the right queue at the registration counter, weighing counter, hemoglobin counter, Liasoning team, donation beds, tea counter post blood donation & collection of certificates. After this the Group Leaders must guide the entire group to leave shree HGG Premises at the earliest so as to make space for other donors.
  • For donors who do not feel well or have any problem post donation, the Group Leader/Back leader should coordinate with the concerned person/team and ensure that the donor is not left alone.
  • For all those shraddhavans who could not donate/were rejected, the Group leader should ensure they go to the counseling counter and speak to the doctors concerned.     
Note: Before the event, both the Group Leader and Back up group leader should have a print out of all the eligible (10 or more or less) Donors in their group with all such details which are submitted to the central team.
Ideally the Group Leader and the Backup Leaders should be selected on the following basis:
a. In order, to provide an Opportunity to non eligible donors to participate in the event, they can be made Group Leaders and Back up Leaders. They will thus get included in this mega activity and hence will not be left out in this event.
b. The Leader should be energetic and enthusiastic as he/she has the main responsibility of motivating, coordinating and guiding the Group.
c. Ideally the recommended size of the Group is 10 as this will ensure easy and proper coordination. It will also give an opportunity to work in the format of Panchak and revive this concept. It will also help develop leadership qualities for many such Leaders. 
Note: In order to help the Blood donors to fill the donation forms, a sample blood donation form duly filled for reference is being sent. There are some instructions on the form in marathi. The same instructions are listed here below for your quick reference. The Kendra team needs to explain this to the Donors
You are requested to understand how the form needs to be filled in and explain the same to all the “Eligible Donors” and “Group Leaders” in your Kendras. This proactive step from your end will help us to avoid refilling/rejection of forms on the event day.
The sample form is numbered with pages starting from 1 to 4 (manually)
For places marked as “ * ”  in the blood donation form, information, should be filled by the donor on the day of the event. i.e. 21st April 2024
For places marked as “ $ ”, in the blood donation form, donor should tick mark at the right option applicable to him/her.
Donors should be advised to fill the form as per the sample template. Do not fill other details. 
Donors SHOULD NOT fill the form at page number three. This is meant for the Blood Bank to fill.
Hari om Ambadnya
Central Blood donation Team