AADM Support

Emergency… a crisis situation which is a gateway to fear, panic and terror. The situation demands voluntary help and support long with effective management and control in and around the incident. Above all it is the FAITH in the Preserver that provides strength to survive and revive from any catastrophe.


In addition, it provides the resilience to recover from the physical and psychological ill-effects of the aftermath. This conviction in The Soul, then guides one to be alert, updated, prepared and above all, be able to help and support others during the most hostile circumstances.


Precisely this has been the motivation for all the Disaster Management Volunteers at AADM who respond efficiently and relentlessly to support and accelerate the work of various core emergency services such as firefighters, police and medical aids. And above all, each “Devotional Service”imparted by the DMV’s is then offered as a tribute on the lotus feet of The Soul.


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