First Aid Kit

Contents of First-Aid Kit

  • Sticking plaster, band aid of different sizes
  • Roller gauze bandages 5 and 8 cm wide [sterile]
  • Sterile cotton
  • Mild antiseptic solution, dettol, savlon or betadine
  • Laundered, ironed and folded sheets of cotton cloth about 1 sq. mt. for making slings and bandages
  • Tongue depressor/spoon
  • Splints; foot ruler, card board, newspaper
  • Thermometer
  • Rubber macintosh
  • Tourniquet- either cloth, belts, rubber tubes
  • Blunt ended scissors, blade
  • Safety pins of various sizes
  • Medications – pain relievers, antiseptic creams or ointments, glucose powder, etc.
  • Measuring glass, spoons
  • Candles, match box, torch, spare batteries
  • Clean fresh water
  • Kidney tray
  • Book, pencil, pen
  • Marker sketch pens (red, yellow, green) or color ribbons.
  • Disposable gloves
  • Bed sheet
  • Radio in working condition


Important points regarding First-Aid Kit

  • Should be a compact metal box.
  • All items should be kept at one place and regularly checked and used items should be replaced
  • Check the expiry dates of the medicines regularly and replace them
  • Keep the kit handy so that all in the family know about it. Do not keep in inaccessible places like lofts, store rooms, etc.

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