Fishermen use ban period to prepare for disasters

Tamil Nadu District Rural Development Agency’s (TNDRDA) runs the community based disaster risk management project with the State Institute of Rural Development across 13 coastal districts, 44 habitations in Kancheepuram district alone, where 1,200 locals have been trained in disaster mitigation.

An increasing number of members from the fishing community, both men and women, are signing up for the volunteer-driven task force during summer when two-month trawling ban is in force. This year disaster management teams have been formed from within the community, with regular mock drills, training’s and meetings being conducted.Each team specializes in a different aspects of disaster management from decoding early warning systems, evacuation, cyclone shelter management, search and rescue to first aid. It is found that, during the floods, fishermen assisted state disaster management units in rescue operations. So having a program like this will equip the community further.

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