Syria Conflict, A Worst Humanitarian (Man Made) Disaster

Part 2


Many health care facilities are damaged or destroyed in opposition controlled areas of Syria .The delivery of humanitarian aid is hindered with supply roads cut off. Rough estimates place civilian casualties between 90,000 to 130,000   and more than 500,000 injured. .   Rape and sexual violence, enforced disappearances, forcible displacement, recruitment of child soldiers, summary executions and deliberate shelling of civilian targets have become commonplace

Estimated 7 million people are in urgent need of assistance. More than 5 million are internally displaced.  At least 8000 people per day (250 000 per month) are leaving Syria with refugee figures approaching 5 million.   Lebanon hosts around 1.1 million Syrian refugees and has along with Jordan, the largest per capita refugee population in the world. Turkey with 3 million has the largest number of Syrian refugees in one country in the world.

The wider international community and their populations are displaying signs of compassion fatigue. The inability to mobilize the substantial funds to fulfil the rising costs threatens the effectiveness of the humanitarian response.

 There is need for political solution and Russia and the United States must find a way forward to stop the killing and to allow humanitarian relief to be provided to the suffering people of Aleppo. And find ways quickly to end this conflict and put an end to the human misery.




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