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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Nepal rattled by Second major earthquake of 7.4 magnitude on 12th May 2015

Bhaktapur, Nepal-   A series of earthquakes - measuring 7.4, 6.3, 5.6 and 5.2 on the Richter scale struck Nepal again on 12.05.2015 just 17 days after the devastating earthquake on 25.04.2015 killing 42 and injuring 1,117, the Nepali government said. The quake's epicenter was approximately 11 miles from Kodari close to Everest Base Camp on a border crossing from Nepal to Tibet, and 47 miles from the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. These areas are close to Mount Everest in Ramechhap, which was evacuated after an avalanche triggered by the April 25 quake killed 18 climbers.  

"According to preliminary reports, four people had died in the town of Chautara in central Nepal . Several buildings in the town have collapsed.  According to accounts on Twitter, the quake caused widespread panic and major traffic jams in the capital.

Strong tremors and aftershocks were felt in North and East India, including New Delhi, Srinagar, Amritsar, Guwahati, Lucknow and Jaipur. The Delhi Metro services were promptly halted in the national capital.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh told reporters in New Delhi that the government is prepared. "There is no need to panic. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been put on alert in Ghaziabad, Guwahati, Patna, Kolkata and Bhatinda," he said. 

As per reports, 17 people have been killed in the earthquake in India, of which, 16 in Bihar, 1 in UP; 39 others have been reportedly injured.

Tuesday's earthquake comes after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck on April 25,2015  killing at least 8,046 people and injuring more than 17,800 and about 600,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in the quake.


Sunday, 26 April 2015

7.9 magnitude massive earthquake rattles Nepal, rocks India

A  massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal with devastating force less than 50 miles from the capital, Kathmandu causing tremors in northern India as well. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, the epicenter of the earthquake was 83 kilometers (51.5 miles) north west of Kathmandu. A strong aftershock of 6.6 magnitude was recorded a little more than a half-hour afterward, along with at least 15 aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or greater, the USGS reported.

Afterward, whole streets and squares in the nation's capital and largest city were covered in rubble. The injured wound up being treated outside hospitals in chaotic scenes. Residents, terrorized by a seemingly endless series of aftershocks, huddled outdoors for safety.


Magnitude    Mw 7.9
Region    NEPAL
Date time    2015-04-25 06:11:26.3 UTC
Location    28.28 N ; 84.79 E
Depth    10 km
Distances    83 km NW of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 11:56:26.3 2015-04-25
75 km NE of Bharatpur, Nepal / pop: 107,157 / local time: 11:56:26.3 2015-04-25

  • Historic Dharahara Tower Collapses In Nepal Earthquake and  many reportedly trapped    under rubbles 
  •  Nepal National Emergency Operation Centre numbers:                                       +977-142-001-05                   +977-142-002-57
  •  Helpline number of the Indian Embassy in Nepal for queries regarding Nepal Earthquake         +977-985-110-7021                +977-985-113-5141

  •  IAF's IL-76 aircraft en-route to Kathmandu: MoD on Nepal earthquake relief operations;
  •  55 rescued Indians Landed In Delhi around 11.00 pm on 25th April 2015.
  • 2nd batch of 103 rescued Indians landed around 12.16 AM on 26th April 2015. 
  • Around 465 rescued Indians so far including 3rd and 4th batch of rescued Indians.
  •  NDRF  Chief OP Singh says that 5 NDRF teams have been sent to Bihar & UP and 10 teams have flown to Nepal.

  • Ministry of Railways to send 4 lakh litres of Rail Neer in next four days to Nepal.
  • Massive rescue operation in Kathmandu, emergency declared.
  • Death toll:
  • PTI says more than 1800 killed in Nepal.
  • Death toll touches about 51  in India including  Bihar  28, Uttar Pradesh 10, West Bengal 3
  • Earthquake triggers Everest avalanche, more than 18 killed.
  • 12 dead, many injured as Nepal quake jolts Tibet 
  • Google launches "Person Finder" for the Nepal earthquake victims.

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


The Jammu and Kashmir Government on Sunday night (29.03.2015) sounded an alert after water level in the Jhelum continued to rise due to incessant rains that have been lashing the Kashmir Valley for the entire Sunday.

Flash floods triggered by incessant rain have damaged  over 80 structures, including residential homes, school buildings and other structures besides snapping road connectivity in the Kashmir Valley, as informed by  J & K authorities.

A government spokesman said that people living on the banks of the Jhelum have been asked to remain alert and vigilant. Old persons and children have also been advised to move to safer places or camps that have been established in the Valley.

Officials said floodwater from the Ferozpora Nallah had entered several villages in North Kashmir.

So far 2 teams of NDRF have been deployed. The Meteorological Department has forecasted continuous rain till April 4, causing concern.





Monday, 16 March 2015


A 2 days corporate course of basic training was conducted by the Aniruddha’s Academy Of Disaster Management at RJSPM College of Pharmacy, Pune, on 20th and 21st February, 2015.

The unique feature of the course was that the students and the staff participated together in training. In all 130 participants completed the course successfully. They actively participated in Fire demonstration practices.

A few students expressed their eagerness to undergo the 7days extensive course and also to participate in crowd control seva during Ganpati festival.

The College authorities are planning to conduct a next batch for the non-teaching staff.

AADM Services on 17th February 2015 on Mahashivratri at Shree Kshetra Agasti Rushi Ashram Devsthan Akola, Maharashtra

At the request of the trustees of Shree Kshetra Agasti Rushi Ashram Devasthan, Akola, Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM), offered its services for Mahashivratri, on 17th February, 2015. 

A large number of Shiv devotees had turned up to offer prayers to Lord Shiva on this occasion of Mahashivratri.

A total of 60 DMVs participated in this service. The DMVs were from six  Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Upasana Kendras of Rahata, Akole , Shrirampur, Sangamaner, Sawedi and Dahad,

The services rendered by the DMVs were very much appreciated.

Monday, 9 March 2015

AADM Services at Shree Jagruteshwar Shiv Temple,Vashi, New Mumbai on Mahashivratri 17th February 2015

Shree Jagruteshwar Shiv Temple of Vashi, celebrated “Mahashivratri” in a big way. Since a  large number of devotees were expected for ‘darshan’ of the deity, Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management(AADM) was invited to deploy its volunteers to manage the huge gathering of devotees.

42 Disaster Management Volunteers (DMVs) from Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Upasana Kendra, Vashi, participated in this seva to help the Police and the Trust to make the event a success.

AADM Services at Dindeshwar Shiv Temple,Bhiwandi on Mahashivratri 17th February 2015

Every year Mahashivratri is celebrated in a big way at the Dindeshwar Temple in Bhiwandi.

The Temple is situated on a hillock and takes about an hours walk to reach. On account of the poor condition of the roads, no vehicles are allowed up the hill.

In spite of these limitations, a crowd of 60 – 70 thousand devotees visit the temple every year  on this occasion of Mahashivratri.

Hence on the request of Bhiwandi Police and the Temple trust, Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management, deployed 96 Disaster Management Volunteers(DMVs) to assist police to control this huge crowd.

The DMVs’ tireless service and the professional manner in which they conducted themselves, have earned them a lot of good will and respect at this place.